About Us

Gaetor Trade works with importers, wholesalers, and other trade entities to facilitate the supply of bulk seafood, premium meat products, lumber, and other commodities to our clients around the world.

We strive to develop and maintain sustainable business relationships with suppliers and importers worldwide to provide best quality products and service.

We continue to develop new markets and bring new product lines to our new and existing clientele. We pride ourselves on being a Canadian company and bringing Canadian quality and values to our clients every day.

Gaetor Trade prides itself on our core values, ensuring that they are present in every interaction with clients on a day to day basis.



not just in offering the best products available but in providing the best service possible to our clients in every interaction.



we strive to build open and honest relationships with our clients that will allow for long-term relationships beneficial for all parties involved.


practiced through striving for the highest ethical standards in business. Demonstrated through strong and unwavering character throughout our organization.

Gaetor Trade