Concrete form panels

Concrete form panels

When you choose Gaetor Forms™, you are investing in the highest quality, most durable concrete forms in the market today. Our quality control extends beyond the manufacturing plant, including constant reevaluation of our products, regular communication with contractors, builders and distributors, and on-site inspections.

Gaetor Trade offers a variety of different formwork panels to suit each individual builders needs and budgets.

For commercial concrete builders, we have 3 different materials available:

Plastic Gaetor Forms™

  • Polypropelene plastic formwork
  • Light weight modular formwork system
  • Strength of a steel panel system; low maintenance of lightweight plastic panel
  • Reusable 80-100+ times


  • Can be stored safely outdoors, in the rain and sun
  • Waterproof
  • No release agent required
  • No expansion or shrinkage, high strength
  • Anti-slip
  • Shorten construction times, reduce labour costs
  • Rinse with water to clean
  • Recyclable

Green Gaetor Forms™

  • Polypropylene film faced plywood
  • Cheaper alternative to plastic formwork
  • Reusable & smooth finish
  • Poplar plywood core or hardwood core, twice hot pressed and sanded
  • Reusable 15 to 35 times


  • Higher reusability compared to standard film faced
  • No release agent required
  • Easy to demould
  • Wear resistant

Black Gaetor Forms™

  • Film faced plywood
  • Poplar plywood core, twice hot pressed and sanded
  • Reusable 5-15 times


  • Lowest cost per panel

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